What makes Istria special

Istrian Gastronomy & Delicacies

Gastronomy of Istria is a reflection of the geographic but also of the historical and climatic features of the Istrian peninsula. The kitchen, which is based on aromatic spices, seasonal vegetables, seafood is very much in line with the influences of German cuisine, Roman dishes, and Slavic cuisine. In terms of Istria’s gastronomy probably the most important influence left the “Serenissima”. The luxurious Villa Marija Klara**** is the ideal accommodation for discovering delicacies such as Brodet, Fuži or Njoki, Istrian asparagus or seafood dishes, all seasoned with olive oils and Istrian wines. Istrian Delicacies, Istrian Prosciutto, Squid, Istrian Truffles, Boškarin dishes are worth a try … Lunch or dinner in one of the top restaurants in the area is part of an unforgettable holiday in Istria and Villa Marija Klara****.

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