Our Mission, Vision and Social Values


Villa Marija Klara offers a complete holiday experience in an ecologically well-preserved destination in the immediate environment of Istria. The holiday in a high quality facility in an autochthonous Istrian village that preserves the authentic atmosphere of rural life and untouched nature offers our guests a unique experience of peaceful and safe vacations that creates a sense of inner peace, happiness and satisfaction.


Our vision is to become a globally recognizable holiday home, world-wide known for promoting values ​​associated with the qualities of the human spirit and developing the beneficial state, mind, body and mind. We contribute to the creation of happy and healthy people who make a happier and more satisfied society. By respecting the high ethical and moral principles, we encourage the preservation of the diversity of cultures, thus developing a model of open tourism ready to understand and accept people and cultures of diverse identities.

Social Values

The fundamental social values ​​on which we base our work, which are in line with the vision of Labin Tourism are:
• Social Responsibility
• Sustainable growth and development of Croatian tourism
• Preservation of biodiversity, cultural heritage and community identity
• Encouraging ecological efficiency
• Encourage the quality of the local community and visitors
• Achieving social inclusion

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