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Villa Marija Klara is situated on the slopes of the autumnal Istrian village of Ripenda. Istria is the largest Croatian (and also Adriatic) peninsula. It is located in the northern part of the Adriatic, on the territory of Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy. The Romans called the Istrian peninsula the “terra magica”. Famous individuals such as Robert Koch and writer James Joyce lived and worked in Istria. The poet Dante Alighieri visited and wrote about Istria after she had inspired him.

Villa Marija Klara ****

Vičani 65, Ripenda Kras, 52220 Labin


Surrounded by turquoise, crystal clear Adriatic Sea, the Istrian peninsula leaves breathless for its magical natural landscapes, preserved nature, rich historical and cultural heritage, extremely rich gastronomic history and above all the hospitable domestic population. Great efforts are being made in agriculture and the production of ecologically grown food, wine, and olive growing. Istria was and still is the most important tourist destination in Croatia, which hosts guests from all over the world. Coastal townships with harbors, fishing boats, and narrow streets reflect the true spirit of the Mediterranean, while villages like Ripenda, where our beautiful Villa is located, open up a place of greenery and fertile land that will remind you of the scenery in Provan and Tuscany. The climate is Mediterranean, very pleasant, with the highest average air temperature of 24 ° C in August and the lowest average temperature of 5 ° C in January. The summers are dry and warm with more than 10 hours of sunshine a day. Temperatures above 10 ° C are present more than 240 days a year. Extreme heat (more than 30 ° C) lasts for up to three weeks. The Adriatic Sea is warm, reaching 26 ° C in August. In this area, there are two types of winds – the Bura that brings cold and clear weather from the north to the winter, and the Jugo that brings rain in the summer. Maestral is a light summer breeze blowing from the mainland to the sea.

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